Dr. Reuben currently serves as Senior Rabbi of Kehillat Israel, The Reconstructionist Congregation of Pacific Palisades, California

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The community of Pacific Palisades, California organized in 1922 as the "Chautauqua of the West" by a group of Methodists under the Reverend Charles H. Scott, found itself with a small but growing Jewish population in the days immediately following World War 11.

By 1948, small groups of Jews began to meet in each other's homes for Shabbat services. The group enlisted the advice of Rabbi Max Vorspan, who was then employed at the University of Judaism, regarding the religious path the new congregation should follow. "My recommendation was that the group in the Pacific Palisades organize a community type of organization. which was an attempt at creating an "organic" Jewish community that would follow the philosophy of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, whose ideas founded Reconstructionist Judaism. If it works, it means that you don't care whether a person is Orthodox, Conservative or Reform; they join the Jewish community and the community together decides what the community needs." Through this suggestion they discovered Reconstructionism, and became the first congregation on the West Coast to formally affiliate with the Reconstructionist movement.

In October of 1950, Articles of Incorporation for the "Jewish Community of Pacific Palisades" were filed with the California Secretary of State. Meetings and services were held in various community buildings from the Woman's Club to various churches. more .....

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