Dr. Steven Carr Reuben currently serves as Senior Rabbi of Kehillat Israel,The Reconstructionist Congregation of Pacific Palisades, California
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Dr. Steven Carr Reuben has been involved in the field of spiritual education for over twenty-five years. He holds two Bachelors degrees, two Masters degrees, Certification in Aging and Human Development, a Ph.D., and two honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees. He was ordained as a rabbi in 1976.

Dr. Reuben was a founding editor of Compass Magazine for teachers. A recognized expert on moral education who has appeared on countless television and radio talk shows, he travels the country lecturing on character education and the challenges of interfaith relationships.

Dr. Reuben is the recipient of numerous community awards, including the Micah Award for founding the largest full-service homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

Dr. Steven Carr Reuben

He is the author of numerous books, including Raising Jewish Children In A Contemporary World (1992), Making Interfaith Marriage Work (1994), and Raising Ethical Children (1994), published by Prima Publishing.

Dr Reuben's book Children Of Character - Leading Your Children
to Ethical Choices in Everyday Life
published by Canter & Associates is
available now.

Dr. Reuben offers simple, concrete guidelines for raising ethical,
compassionate children in a morally challenging world. Dr. Reuben shares
how to create a home in which standards and values are clear.

He demonstrates how to build self-esteem through unconditional love
(and what that really means), how to establish as a parent or teacher
a child behavior support system that emphasizes "consequences" rather
than "punishments," and how to recognize and capitalize on the everyday
"teachable moments" in your children's lives.

Dr Reuben's latest book There's an Easter Egg on Your Seder Plate:
Surviving Your Child's Interfaith Marriage
is available soon.
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In the last two decades, interfaith marriage has emerged as one of the
primary cultural realities of North American religious life. While the
numbers of interfaith marriages continue their pattern of steady growth,
so does the demand for practical, supportive, non-judgmental advice to
help ease the emotional pain and bewilderment so often experienced
by the parents of interfaith couples.

Rabbi Reuben speaks out about injustice.
God Cries when we Sentence Youth to Die in Prison
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